One Punch Man

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(Japanese: ワンパンマン Hepburn: Wanpanman) is a Japanese superhero webcomic created by the artist One in early 2009. It has a manga adaptation illustrated by Yusuke Murata, as well as an anime adaptation. Following its publication, the webcomic quickly went viral, surpassing 7.9 million hits in June 2012.

One Punch Man tells the story of Saitama, a superhero who can defeat any opponent with a single punch but seeks to find a worthy opponent after growing bored by a lack of challenge in his fight against evil.

One punch Man imitates the life of an average hero who wins all of his fights with only one punch! This is why he is called Onepunch man Manga. This story takes place in the fictional Z-City. The world is full of mysterious beings, villains and monsters that cause destruction and havoc.

An association of heroes has been established to protect the citizens from all harms and enemies. People with superhuman ability can register themselves with the association that protects citizens. There, they will be required to take a series of tests to determine their ability and what class they are. Class S being the highest and class C being the lowest.

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The story of the OPM manga is a bit weak even upon slight interrogation. Good thing, then, that Yusuke Murata’s absolutely gorgeous art and ONE’s really imaginative characters and story pick up the slack. It’s an uncomplicated, fun, though occasionally inconsistent superhero story that at least has a lot more fun playing with its hero concepts than the last few decades of western superhero comics (DC and Marvel fans feel free to fight me irl).

Saitama himself is the most interesting take on the “Superman” archetype that I can recall. Shame, then, that he’s often left to run around in pointless side-plots or just be missing entirely until its his time to show up and deal with the threat du jour.

It’s a joke that worked really well earlier on but has worn a bit thin as time has worn on during this nightmarishly long Monster Association arc, so I may retract some of this praise later on. For now, though, One Punch Man is still a good bit of fun.